Clostridium Difficile Studies


Join the Battle to Defeat C. diff Infection

If you have been diagnosed C. diff, you are not alone. A research study at the Louisiana Research Center aims to stop C. diff from returning.

PUNCH CD3-OLS is a clinical study to evaluate the safety and tolerability of Rebiotix RBX2660 for the prevention of recurrent Clostridium difficile infection (C. diff or CDI). With this study option, many more people that suffer from recurrent C. diff may now qualify for study participation.

ART24-01-001 Study

Prevent C. diff from Returning

Did you know even when successfully treated, C. diff recurrence is common? Up to 25% of people with C. diff will get infected again. A study at the Louisiana Research Center is recruiting individuals who are currently being treated for C. diff. infection. You may be eligible to enroll and receive compensation.