New Nutrition & Weight Loss Center

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New horizons… GIS is proud to announce our newest business platform, the Nutrition and Weight Loss Center.

Healthy living – Better Choices – Finding the new you; all wrapped in a comprehensive program that is administered and managed by our in house Registered Dietitian and Care Plan Coordinator, guide you to success.

NutritionWeightLossCenterThe tenants of the Nutrition and Weight Loss Center are a combination of Wellness Programs, customized to fit your calendar and weight loss goals, in addition to offering non-surgical weight loss options.  Also available, our Registered Dietitian has carefully selected food products such as protein drinks, food bars and prepared meals to compliment your customized Nutrition Plan – those are available for purchase during visits to our offices or, online with shipment to your home for added convenience.

It is our belief that eating right, active exercise and an individual’s willingness to change are the keys to long term success! A new you! Package these with personalized nutrition plans, workout plans and personal self-help support while being administrated and managed by healthcare professionals, are what separate the Nutrition and Weight Loss Center from any other diet, workout plan or weight loss product you may have tried.

Please click here to visit the Nutrition & Weight Loss page to learn more. Or, call (318) 213-3460 to schedule an appointment today.