NWLCAt GIS our practice has grown steadily over the years. We continue to add new research, procedures, team members, and expertise to our offerings. The Nutrition and Weight Loss Center is our newest addition to service the needs of our growing patient populations. Having a dedicated Registered Dietitian on staff to coordinate care improves our ability to comprehensively treat our patients. This new addition also allows us to pursue new therapies.

We have created structured programs to help guide you through common wellness and weight loss goals. These programs are built around Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Lifestyle Optimization. We focus on personal education and counseling to help you build tools that allow you to achieve lifelong wellness.

The latest and greatest in the bariatric world is the recently FDA approved intragastric balloon. A soft, smooth silicone rubber balloon can be placed endoscopically to safely take up 1/3rd of the stomach. This helps someone feel satisfied with eating less food. Over time the body, stomach, and appetite adapt to a more moderate intake.

Our physicians are the local endoscopic experts! Together with our wellness team we are able to place this new weight loss tool in-house and provide a comprehensive wellness program to ensure your success. We combine regular meetings with your physician and dietitian with education and counseling to provide you a strong base of knowledge, expertise, and support.

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