Active Pillars
Passive Pillars


Nutrition Services
Medically Supervised Programs
Personal Health Assessment
Nutrition Counseling and Education
Healthy cooking ideas and food safety
Food Products
Our Registered Dietitian has approved a variety of food products to supplement your new nutrition plan based on real food. Choose from high quality protein sources, healthy meals, supplements, and snacks.


Physical Activity
Gym membership discount
Personalized, progressive workout plan
Maximize your daily movement
Personalized fitness education and instruction
We recognize obesity as a disease with physiological sources. Our physicians are available for individuals who commit to a program and need a pharmacological boost to their weight loss programs.


Lifestyle Optimization
Mindful eating and body awareness
Relaxation, breathing, and posture techniques
Positive self-talk, build self-esteem
Accept your best self: Inside to Outside
You are not alone in your struggle for wellness. Join our practice and clients in our collective effort to be healthy. We are part of a vibrant community full of opportunity to get together in positive ways. Joining our family opens you up to a community of like-minded people working toward similar goals.